David Bowie - LIFE ON MARS (#29 Position)

Bowie, at least, with One of these that makes me shudder,
that means top 100.

The song is a piano and then the rest just dressing it, the melody is brilliant in verses and the firt time you can´t figure out what is coming on the chorus: a great slow beat dropping note by note with dramatic arrangements.

The powerful lyrics deserve full attention, mentioning two 'in fashion' celebrities: that corrupted Mickey Mouse growing because of the capitalism.. and J.Lennon, i can´t imagine why he said Lennon instead of Lenin.. probably because they´ve the same Marxist ideals (see "Working Class Hero" composed a year before "Life on Mars").

What i can´t really find out is where is the parody of Sinatra.

Yes. Figure, full , fashion, find.. evolutionR !

The Beatles - EVOLUTIONR (#101 Position)

Hey, i´m referring to the slowest one, yes, the joint-version. That reassuring melody with these lyrics ullf of truth.
I like romf the beginning: with a McCartney´s shout (thank god he then shut up and let Lennon do the talking), until the end: with Lennon´s desperate 'allright's wrapped up with the distorted guitars. Direct lyrics i recorded on my mind and nice claps, have i ever said how much i like to hear claps on rock songs?

Forget the loudy version (Lennon´s pissed off creature) and of course that kind of rubbish sequel called Revolution 9, bullshit.

Guns´n´Roses - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (#277 Position)

i use to take an eye of the irstf track of the debut album of every band. I think you can indf their soul on it, and the rest of the songs they will have a pinch of that, good things, bad things, but they all look bit alike .

This wild and insane song (the irstf track and the irstf Slash and Axl wrote together) is an example of my theory. Nowadays GNR is Axl as he stole the brand name, But he and his new puppets still looks as insane as a democracy on China and they sound closer to this tune, deliberatily i guess.