Christina Aguilera - BEAUTIFUL (#241 Position)

I give myself up to Cello-songs. No options. I like it all of them.
"Beatiful" has also a violin and a piano so I´ve no way out.

In the other hand, this song really upset me: I didn´t like those kind of slow Elton John ballads, i didn´t like those brat singers like Britney, I hated those melismas the way Mariah Carey did... But i discovered Beautiful and I was speechless: I got excited abut that voice singing in Eb key and about those 7 notes for each syllable, and thas sloooow tempo.

I guess the credit for that it´s not just Christina but that hit-songwritter called Linda Perry (yes, the lead singer of that one-hit band: 4NonBlondes). A talented woman who has also written "What You Waiting For?" outburst for my dear Gwen Stefani.

Elton John - TINY DANCER (#305 Position)

Sshhh! Let´s speak quietly
I hope nobody is hearing me now.

Furthermore, I´ve banned myself about telling you how i like this song.
To be honest, I´ve just want to say that one second before the "Hold me closer tiny dancer.." part,

.. i usually feel a tickling on my neck.

Am i gay?

Blind Melon - ST. ANDREW´S FALL (#400 Position)

Last from the list for a special song by Blind Melon. A riddle song, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes confused. Blind Melon shines when plays acoustic so you can feel their folk roots. This sweet song, stringed instruments included, starts like a mix of old JethroZeppelinYes tune and suddenly the guitars stop while Shannon´s voice flies alone and then it falls gradually but the strings come again, speed up, and unavoidable all crash.. and the acoustic guitar starts again...

Oh, are you talking about a woman that jumped off a building? Well, it doesn´t matter

The Shangri-Las - REMEMBER (WALKING IN THE SAND) (#55 Position)

It´s unbeliavable how these girls with an average age about 16 years old could give that insane feelings to that song (by Shadow Morton) in 2:16. Composed as a summer hit, in 1964, "Remember" goes beyond its own triviality and grow in with a set of beautiful voices offering a "uuuuh-ahhhh" chorus that sends shivers down my spine. You´ll see yourself with her, walking in the sand, walking in the shore, hearing the seagulls, looking at the sea, waiting for the man, listening her wails: "oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no".

Once again, Steven Tyler revealed me this song. Aerosmith covers this song 29 years ago like they did with other "hair stand on end" song performed by a woman 27 years ago: "Cry Me A river". i´ll tell something about this awesome one someday. Such a good taste, Tyler.

Nancy Sinatra - BANG, BANG (#210 Position)

Not so much exciting Sonny Bono song was gracefully slimmed down to create a fortune lovely tune: With a restless fret guitar, a better voice (Cher->N.Sinatra), tiding sounds, getting out tacky parts. The result, fancy that, was a basic melody wich evokes 007 films.

2:40 of calm i found because of Kill Bill, where was i? Bang, Bang is and all time hit cover by Paul Weller, Nancy´s father, Stevie Wonder or even The Raconteurs.

Interlude - A year of Hope

While the cinema industry has terminal cancer, music is getting better despite of the dead of the cd format and the success of the mp3 era. There´s hope after all. Because of that wish i want to share my top 5 albums of 2008. It is worth noting, as the homonym titles suggest, that three of them are first work albums.

Foo Fighters - The Missing Pieces
Kings Of Leon - Only by the Night
Glasvegas - Glasvegas
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

The Cranberries - ZOMBIE (#160 Position)

Actually, my favourite song of everytime.. in 1994.
I thought it was a different sound: Powerful heavy guitar chords linking with an original voice and emotive lyrics talking about The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

I remembered how the radio station used to play Zombie every half an hour those days. This enabled me to look into this conflict and its consequences. I guess this was the first time i realized about a conflict/War.. and i was about to vote

Gomez - GET MYSELF ARRESTED (#309 Position)

Got a haircut, got a silver tooth, gonna get myself arrested
Got some friends in my bmw, tryin to get themselves arrested

Like a mantra, i usually recite these verses everywhere since 1998.
It happens to me with a sort of songs that colonize a leading part of my brain.

in the bath, on the lift, i try to intone that narcolepsy one and then i often jump to this G&R tune i don´t know why.

Sick of this life
Not that you'd care
I'm not the only one with whom these feelings I share

Nobody understands, quite why we're here
We're searchin' for answers
That never appear

Lenny Kravitz - ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY (#111 Postion)

An anthem for my generation, and a video i´ve watched thousand times. One of these that never ages. A pure rock song that feeds from Hendrix and a beat that cheers me up still today.

Sure.. the RIFF, that great riff that crushes your brain and remains along the whole song an only gives you a moment´s peace during the chorus and solo part.

Lenny Kravitz may be a bit mystic nowadays but fifteen years ago he was one of the coolest players on stage: Actually, he played all the instruments when the album was recorded. So you can see all these guys there on the video, but all what you hear is played by Kravitz (at the same time :P)

David Bowie - LIFE ON MARS (#29 Position)

Bowie, at least, with One of these that makes me shudder,
that means top 100.

The song is a piano and then the rest just dressing it, the melody is brilliant in verses and the firt time you can´t figure out what is coming on the chorus: a great slow beat dropping note by note with dramatic arrangements.

The powerful lyrics deserve full attention, mentioning two 'in fashion' celebrities: that corrupted Mickey Mouse growing because of the capitalism.. and J.Lennon, i can´t imagine why he said Lennon instead of Lenin.. probably because they´ve the same Marxist ideals (see "Working Class Hero" composed a year before "Life on Mars").

What i can´t really find out is where is the parody of Sinatra.

Yes. Figure, full , fashion, find.. evolutionR !