Gomez - GET MYSELF ARRESTED (#309 Position)

Got a haircut, got a silver tooth, gonna get myself arrested
Got some friends in my bmw, tryin to get themselves arrested

Like a mantra, i usually recite these verses everywhere since 1998.
It happens to me with a sort of songs that colonize a leading part of my brain.

in the bath, on the lift, i try to intone that narcolepsy one and then i often jump to this G&R tune i don´t know why.

Sick of this life
Not that you'd care
I'm not the only one with whom these feelings I share

Nobody understands, quite why we're here
We're searchin' for answers
That never appear


20 January 2009 at 15:21 d.edlen said...

Such good taste. I love Gomez, great in concert.

Happy New Year!